Sneak Peek

Enjoy excerpts from Spirit Song: the lyrics of my heart

from Spirit Song:

When we speak, my spirit dances
and I hope that you can see it.
When we touch, my body sings
and I hope that you can hear it.
My dance, my song, come from deep within my heart.
These are my gifts, given by life itself.
I now share them with you.

from For The Kings:

Today, see me as I am,
ever changing, learning, growing, striving.
Don't look back at yesterday,
waiting for that same old woman to surface.
I am not the same woman who left you alone.
I am not the same woman who hurt you.
Black Man, do not be afraid to love you Black Woman.
Together we embody power; have faith in us.
I do not promise that it will be easy,
But nothing worthwhile is ever achieved,
and appreciated, without a struggle.

from and now:

the truth is
i'm just now beginning to see myself
i'm gaining clarity
i'm in the process of un-freezing
i'm starting to view myself
for myself
no longer blinded by
other people's interpretation of my actions
no longer fallen victim to 
other people's expectations
reclaiming the life that was
stolen from me
basking in all of the
emotions this brings