Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another lesson ...

I lost a friend today. Don't worry, she is alive and well, just felt the need to exit our friendship at this point. That struck me as a bit strange because I didn't see it coming. But sometimes a difference of opinion can be that serious. I was out of sorts for a while. Then, when I had a moment, the following came to me:  

Any time I spend loving someone, if I love fully, without reservations, is never time wasted ... children choose different paths than I may envision, friends & family members die, mates sometimes decide not to partner any more, friends go their separate ways ... but all I can do is give what I believe is needed ... accept people as they are and, hopefully, enjoy at least most of the time we have together.

Love seems to be a recurring theme for me lately. Probably because I believe that is what we are meant to do. If we love ourselves, and try our best to love others the same way, that is most of the battle. However, when loving others, I have to realize that everyone is not open to receiving or able to. Nor do they understand that it's not something to be constrained or relegated only to those who some deem deserving. Love can heal many things, not all. 

Just my Tuesday night ramblings ... I am still a work in progress. My circle of influence is relatively small. I try my best to love hard, respect others, be non-judgmental. Sometimes I hit the mark, sometimes I don't. But I will keep striving and keep loving the best I know how.

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