Thursday, February 9, 2012

Celebrating Love

I know I'm a few days early, but please indulge me as I don't think love is relegated to one day a year. Actually, I am not enthused about the commercialization of any holiday so Valentine's Day is no different for me. I understand some people need a reminder to get up and show some love; I'm not knocking any one's hustle. However, as my home reflects, I like flowers everyday of the year. I also appreciate receiving a box of chocolate from my partner when he knows I've had a rough day more than on a day marked special by the calendar.

Below is my love offering to you all; an excerpt from Spirit Song: the lyrics of my heart.

Enjoy as you spread some love tonight and every night!


it’s all about you and me –

this is not just a fantasy.

what we have, what we are,

this was meant to be.

joined with each other

through eternity.

i want to sky-dive from a high up plane

and land in the depths of your ocean.

i want to open my arms as wide

as can be and float on your strong breeze.

melt into my being

like wax slowly dripping from the candle.

flow to me – in me – around me –

like the river rushing to fill the sea.

you and i/ i and you/


man/woman woman/man



on a journey

to surpass all that has ever been

to exceed all that can be imagined.

this is not some fantasy –

it’s all about you and me.

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