Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Love ...

"Could You Be Love/d 2011 Bob Marley"
original painting by Mo

Today is my mom's birthday, the second one since her transition to the ancestors. I wasn't really feeling any kind of way about it. I do find that I remember random things about her at off times ... like any time I go to the mall, I remember Christmas shopping right after my son was born and her telling me not to let people look in the stroller because they would try to steal him (don't ask) ... or while watching the Grammy's the other night I remembered the last awards show we watched together at her house, with my daughter, where I was waiting for Prince to perform but he didn't; they just did a wack tribute ... random stuff like that.  I guess in over 40 years I have a lot of random, and not so random, memories. One thing I hold close is how in recent years she would tell me that I don't always have to be doing something; it's ok to rest, be still, relax.

So, while I knew this day was approaching and I was preparing for the possibility that whirlwind emotions would overtake me (cause that's just how I am), I was not prepared to attend a home going service yesterday. A friend, who had been hospitalized since April, transitioned on last Sunday. Being that he was 88 and his health was degenerating over the months, his passing was not a surprise. My reaction to it, however, has taken me back a little. I feel as if I lost someone who I have known all my life, when in actuality we met only two years ago. I think that is a testament to the type of man Mr. White was and how he lived. He made everybody around him feel welcome and worthy. He was filled with joy. He was grateful for what he had in life. He never thought it robbery to share with others; a smile, a word, a piece of candy, a dollar. When you thought you were going to encourage him, he would lift your spirits. And he proved that one is never too old to flirt!

I think part of the legacy each left was to love with all you have.  This world will have us go all crazy this February 14th and think its all about the most expensive gift, but I know we are bigger than that. It is important to love yourself and all those you hold dear. It is also important to love those who are difficult to love because they probably desperately need it.

I don't have a spouse or mate. I don't expect flowers and candy for Valentine's Day. I had an impromptu celebration of love on Saturday, right at home with the family - those connected by blood and those connected by Spirit. We watched movies, laughed, ate, talked and listened to each other. Taking time from our routine just to be together. Loving each other. That's what it's all about.

Today I wish you all love, joy, peace and whatever your heart desires.

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