Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lessons From My Bed

This weekend I received a lesson on life from a bed. OK, from two beds. Let me explain.

Last year, I was appalled when I discovered I had bed bugs. After I got over the fact that these things were feeding on me and I deciphered where I may have picked them up (a hotel in Virginia), I set about removing all traces of the pests from my home. I called the exterminator and got the ousting plan in action ... this included washing and severely drying every piece of clothing (and stuffed animal) in the house, steam cleaning all the carpets and having the whole apartment treated with pesticide in two sessions. I was not advised to dispose of my bed because the exterminators determined I had a very mild infestation and I caught it in time. Of course, I was pleased with this because 1) a new bed was not in my budget and 2) I LOVED my bed. I mean I really loved this bed. It was this big monstrosity with a mattress that looked double the size of an average one. Comfortable? I never knew such bliss. This bed of mine was so large, I had to use a step ladder to climb into it after I had abdominal surgery so that I wouldn't strain myself.

Well, let's fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I, once again, found that these nasty little buggers were feasting on me during the night. My guess is that they laid eggs in the wood frame and they subsequently hatched. My first thought was that I should get rid of the bed. My next thought was that I really loved the bed and didn't want to part with it. My third thought was really a vision of bugs falling off while the bed is being carted away and me having a full blown infestation. Upon further thought, and nudging from others who pointed out the faults in my reasoning, I decided to get rid of the much loved bed.

Now, here is where I gained the life lesson. Because I read somewhere that the bugs can not attach to a metal framed bed, I searched for that type of furniture. Not many choices but enough that I was able to purchase something I liked fairly well. I called the junk pros to seal and remove my old bed (who, by the way, noted how comfortable my mattress looked!). After the carpet was cleaned, my new bed was delivered. Although it is also a queen size, the frame is noticeably smaller than the old one. This bed is also not as high; I'm not sleeping on the floor, but I wont have to climb into the bed. What I realized after it was dressed with linen was that I now have more space in my room. I can see more of my wall, I can move about more easily and I feel lighter.

I was holding on to an item that was clearly not benefiting me anymore just because I was sentimental. I had an attachment to a piece of furniture, long after it was useful. What is more, I was subjecting myself to physical and mental discomfort, because I was afraid of making the situation worse. How often in life do we stay in situations that have run their course and no longer edify us? This can apply to jobs, relationships, living arrangements, unhealthy eating habits ... whatever. We look back and remember the good times and think those are the only good times. We fear change even when we know that we must move on. We stunt our growth to stay where we are comfortable, even if it is draining us. OK, maybe you don't, but I can see where I have done these things. When I decide to move forward, I find what I did with the bed, that things can actually be better than I imagined.

Today, I encourage you to take a step. If your spirit is telling you that it is time for a change, listen. If you best friend says your excuses are a bunch of crap, at least think it over. If you can see that something is detrimental to your well being, do something about it.


  1. This is so true. Thank you for this <3

  2. Greetings Sha! What a nice way to express your thoughts from your bed! I thought it was very creative for you to use the bed bugs to get a point across and also use in the story line ;0) I love your page its set up nicely...thanks for sharing you thoughts. I enjoyed my visit here!

    xo & huggz

  3. Thank you both for passing through and thanks for the feedback! Hope you visit again in the future. :-)