Sunday, May 20, 2012

When a Man Loves a Woman

While I was at the exhibit yesterday, I saw a picture that moved me deeply. It was a print of a charcoal drawing titled "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Fedrecia Hartley, who in addition to being a talented artist, is the director of Zion Gallery. If you click the title, you can see the picture and learn more about the gallery and their vision. Ms. Hartley graciously discussed this piece with me and as I gazed, I was overwhelmed with a sense of powerfulness.  I know there are songs and movies with this title, but I felt the need to write out of it as well. I thought about how it feels when a man loves a woman. In particular, how I feel being loved at this stage in life.

As always, I am thankful for the inspiration and hope something you read or see resonates with you.

when a man loves a woman
how does she feel?
what does it mean to her?
more powerful than an outward attraction
a spiritual connection
no conditions
no restraints
time and distance become inconsequential markers

when a man loves a woman
she is naked
yet always safe
she stands taller
more fortified than without him

when a man loves a woman
he engages all of his senses
he sees her
his love lets her believe
all that she knows is true
that she is unique
no one can do what she does
the way she does it

when a man loves a woman
he hears her
dreams, thoughts, concerns
are treated with the weight they deserve
never ridiculed
or blindly cosigned

when a man loves a woman
he touches her
former wounds are healed
tensions are released
she is invigorated

when a man loves a woman
he tastes a new phenomenon
the substance of life
flows from her with rekindled vitality
she explodes with a zest
that catapults her to further heights

when a man loves a woman
he smells victory on the horizon
with him she defeats all opposition
together, they represent a united front
everything is possible

when a man loves a woman
she understands
why we were not created to be alone

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