Sunday, May 20, 2012

Uncovering Treasures

photograph by Ian Lyn

It's been a minute since I've shared; did ya'll miss me? I guess a lot has happened so I won't bother trying to catch up, I'll just jump in with where I am right now.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Sundress & sandals weather is my favorite and that is just what I was rocking today (or yesterday since it's now after midnight). As time passes, I appreciate my little borough, Brooklyn, (which is actually huge) more and more. Whatever I want to do, I can find it right here. The day started at my church home in bible study. Although I was the only one who somehow had the wrong starting time - therefore arriving two hours late - my leader stayed so that we ended up having a one-on-one session. Very nice. Then I walked over to Peaches for brunch. I was pleasantly surprised to find a live band playing background music. The Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers covers were exceptionally enjoyable. Next up was another stroll down the street to Zion Gallery.

My ride-or-die, big-little brother, Ian Lyn, was one of the two featured photographers in the exhibit titled "New York Country." The concept, which is really awesome, was to capture nature and rustic views within the city. The pieces were stunning, particularly ones that caught the essence of God's natural beauty in alignment with modern structures like buildings and bridges. The artists were on hand to speak about their pieces, explain the locations shot and share anecdotes about their work. Another treat was that I was able to speak with the curator, who is also an artist, about her commitment to keeping art accessible within the community.

The most interesting portion of the day however, were not the pictures on display but the revelation from my brother about how he got inspired to take his photography to the next level. A few years ago, I used to rag him about his flimsy flip phone and he would claim that he could take great pictures on it. So we had a little challenge where we would take pics and send to each other - sunrise, sunsets, rainbows, clouds, views from the bus, kitchen window, train tracks - stuff like that. Who knew that his inner photographer would be ignited? Somewhere along the line, Ian invested in a real camera, some lenses, and books.  He then set about documenting life as he sees it while continuing to learn and expand his craft. While we were at the exhibit, he was in the garden steady clicking pictures. I was inspired to see Ian get excited about views he peeped and subsequently shot.

This is a reminder that you never know what may come in life. When you find something you enjoy doing, keep at it because it is probably your gift. We all have been blessed with at least one talent and we have a responsibility to share it, for our benefit and the world's.

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