Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Haven't been feeling too well, so I don't have a lot on my mind ... I won't regale you with intricate details of the weird dream I had yesterday (I can count on my fingers the number of dreams I have remembered during my life) - even though according to Dream Moods, it seems like this one reflects that I'm trying to communicate my feelings and need for contact by way of acknowledging my innocence, helplessness and vulnerabilities while I'm getting to know my rational, aggressive, assertive, and competitive aspects as I recognize my true inner value. :-)

Anyway, I figured I'd share a piece I wrote recently ... hope you enjoy!


the god in you caused my earth to quake
with a sudden release of energy
the tremors pulsated through me
a magnitude so intense
it was beyond measurement on the richter scale

this natural event caused by frictional heating
released the build-up of strain and stress
denoted by forceful shaking
it created a rupture
forcing waters to overflow my body perimeter

and now I am stricken with aftershocks
ripples that decrease intensity by the day
yet still wreak havoc on me
dangerous and unpredictable
they come without warning
shattering the calm
erupting like volcanoes
leaving fires burning in their wake

reminders of the main explosion
a foretaste of the next seismic wave

Shahmet Gordon © 2011

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