Friday, October 21, 2011

My Inspirational Corner

I have a large window in my office; while sitting at my desk, I can see it clearly. One day I was thinking that the sill looked so bare, I really needed to put something on top of it. The Spirit led me to make this my inspirational corner.  I love cards and really enjoy receiving them.  Actually, I love to just look at cards, read them, pick them out and give them also (but I do like getting them as well).  In my circle, people are not big on cards, so I am sort of alone in this and usually miss out on my card fix. 
What I did with this corner is place inspiring or otherwise uplifting cards on display.  I have one that says "You are an amazing woman" on the front and has a picture of a woman standing on the beach who seems so free.  I love it!  It helps me to reflect in moments when I don't feel so amazing.  I have a couple of thank you cards. Also, one that reminds me someone was thinking of me and sent a card simply for that reason. I have a card from my son and beside it I placed a leaf that he gave me one day while we were walking.  And, I even went out and bought myself a card. I took the time to choose something that I would love to receive and then I gave it to myself.  I figured, why wait on others to show me the love I can show myself?

Now, when I need a moment to regroup, I can look to my right, read the words or just take in the pictures and I feel refreshed and ready to continue.

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