Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's a lazy, rainy/snowy Saturday ... and I am loving it!

My mama used to ask me why I thought I should always be doing something, to which I never really had a good answer. I was always occupied around the house, minding the family, working, serving at church ... whatever. So today, with my mama in mind, I am doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing and enjoying myself. It's dreary outside; perfect weather for staying indoors. I recently bought a bunch of dvd's (documentaries & indie films that no one else in the house would be interested in) that I plan to watch. My children are not here. I am cooking foods that I like to eat. Can we say "blissful day"?

This was a particularly stressful work week, so this slow down day is greatly appreciated. I was reminded of a couple of old sayings this week and I reflected on how true they are, at least for me. The first was "an idle mind is the devil's workshop." (Hmmmn, this may be the answer to my need for business.) Being so busy at work - having to stay late & work at home a few nights - meant that I had no time to dwell on random thoughts (craziness). Things that were weighing on me recently, items that were disturbing or gave me discomfort, were so far removed from my mind. Now, I can look back and see that these concerns are really not that serious. For the entire week I didn't think on them and guess what? The world is still turning and I am still here, pressing on.

The other saying was "laughter is the best medicine." I love to laugh. My children are hilarious and keep me cracking up. I have some very funny co-workers who make the days pass quicker. I even find myself laughing at times, just because I feel so good and there is nothing else I can do to express my joy. This makes me realize that tiredness will pass, aches and pains are temporary and nothing is really so grim that I can't smile through it.

Wherever you are today, I hope you take time out to laugh and relax.


  1. Great advice and why do we always feel we have to be doing something anyway???

  2. I know, right? Guess we have been conditioned ... we even train our children to always be out & about doing things ... have them signed up for every after school program or activity so that they don't know what to do with down time ...