Friday, October 14, 2011

Essential Reminders ...

Below are some points I was reminded of this week after the "moment" mentioned on Monday.  I toyed with the idea of calling these lessons that were learned. However, I recognize that truth already inhibits my being. I just need a little assistance recalling it at times. In no particular order:

1. I am loved; by God, my friends and family who I can touch in the real world, and my sisters in cyberspace.

2. It's perfectly normal to question; we have been given the gifts of intellect and a sound mind for a reason.

3. Don't always get caught up in the presentation; the message is what's important.

4. Choosing to love is never the wrong answer.

5. The difficulties we endure are not always part of a demonic plan; God grows us through our struggles and we are then able to testify about His grace and mercy.

6. Rather than feeling guilty for falling short in certain areas of life, we need to use our experiences to edify our sisters and brothers.

7. Faith and fear can not occupy the same space.


  1. Wonderful inspiration!

  2. Thanks for sharing Shah; #7 really hits home for me because I've always felt I was raised to be fearful of something ALL the time!

    I'm grateful for God's grace and mercy (#5); I still have my moments, but the fear factor isn't dominant anymore (-:

  3. Kenya, you know I can relate to that ... thankful for growth!